Miss Alyson's Class (4+ years old)

 The month of October

For the month of October, the students will be working on letters e-h. For sensory and exploring the students will look and feel inside of a pumpkin. They will touch, smell and feel the pumpkin. After touching and feeling the inside of the pumpkin the students will enjoy activites such as pumpkin pounding, cooking sweet potatoes, corn painting, finger play and counting pumpkins/candy corn. 

The Halloween party will be taking place on Halloween. Please wear a costume of your choice. Any mask or visual impediment in the costumes is not allowed. The costumes should be positive role models! The students will be busy doing sensory and manipulative activties throughout the month. Other activites the children will be doing: counting seeds and sorting seeds by color, making pumpkin pie (play-doh), exploring the world of spiders and other insects and making fruit ghost. 

Important dates to remember: October 24th-26th - Fall Break

email: alymorris21@gmail if you have any questions or contact information: 317-496-1412