Fellowship Opportunities

     Opportunities for getting together abound at the Manchester Church of the Brethren.  Events that are spontaneous as well as scheduled happen often and with great variety.  Sunday mornings, following Worship, there is a chance to mingle and sample our hospitality with a sip of coffee (or seasonal beverage of your choice).  Feel welcome to scan the bulletins boards, display tables and conversation clusters.

     Fellowship Meals are undergoing an evolution.  Last Fall, they were at noon one Sunday a month.  This Easter, Fellowship Commission organized a "Sunrise Breakfast" that followed a Sunrise Service. Proceeds for all Fellowship Meals go towards the Matching Scholarship Fund. 


  May 22 Nurture Commission will help sponsor a Family Fun Day - stay tuned as that event developes!

 Volleyball, Indoor Soccer, Tennis and other seasonal activites are on the calendar as well as carry-in dinners that celebrate new babies, new members and any other excuse for a get-together.