Our Christian Education Commission would like to welcome you and your family to our Sunday School ministry. We are committed to creating an environment for you and your family to grow in your relationship with Christ. We hope this information will help you find a particular class that will best suit your interest. The adults, along with the children’s classes are listed. We hope you will feel free to visit the class of your choice and allow us to get to know you.

Again, welcome.

WORSHIP at 9:30 A.M.

FELLOWSHIP TIME following Worship


*Adult Classes*

Jubilee Class: Adults with young children meet as often as they can in room 211.

Pathfinders Class: Meets in room 213.

We work to create an open and nurturing environment where we explore our spiritual roots, an on-going relationship with God, and Biblical truths. Our goals include discovering the impact these elements have on the social issues we encounter as part of our individual life journeys. We strive to provide mutual support as we journey together to form a perfect union with God and God’s world.

Questers Class: Adults of all ages. Meets in Chapel.

Members believe that creation is on-going, and that the search for "truth" is never-ending. We are serious about exploring the Bible and other rich resources and believe a loving community can be shaped from the open, unthreatened sharing of our differences. Social and political issues, questions of everyday morality, and more are examined.

Koinonia Class: Adults. Meets in Conference Room.

Members study current events, ancient and modern history, topics concerning the Church of the Brethren and the larger church. Professionals from Manchester College, the local community, and from our own church teach. Each spring quarter is reserved for serious Bible study.

All Things Considered Class: Adults. Meets in room 220. As we walk together on our faith journey, we study and discuss a wide array of topics, some spiritual and some secular. We use a variety of formats for class time, including watching theological DVDs, inviting guest presenters (from within the congregation and from without), meeting jointly with our youth and other adult Sunday school classes, and studying books together. Our name (All Things Considered) aptly describes the eclectic nature of our exploration. We enjoy the camaraderie of our discussions and our spontaneous and Spirit-led course of study.


*Children & Youth Sunday School Classes*
Infant\Toddler Nursery
Preschool Class
Kindergarten and 1st Grades
Grades 2 & 3
Grade 4 & 5
Middle School - Grades 6-7-8
High School Youth
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