Caring Ministries

Deacon Ministry

A biblical and historical understanding of decon ministry suggests:

  • Deacons are called to be dedicated caregivers who use their spiritual gifts in a shared ministry
  • Deacons are called to be welcoming, nurturing, reconciling, sensitive to the presence of God's Spirit in the lives of others. 
  • As Christ-like servants, the way of service forms the central quality of deacon ministry.


Lafiya Mission Statement

Manchester Church of the Brethren intends to be a congregation which lovingly ministers to one another as whole people, united in body, mind, heart and spirit in fulfillment of the new covenant established by God when Jesus Christ entered this world to offer us abundant life (John 10: 10). We intend to recognize ourselves and each other as one body and one in the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12). As God’s own holy vessel, we intend to do as Paul instructed, caring for our whole selves for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10).

As a Lafiya Congregation, one which is founded in the Nigerian precept of uplifting wellness through wholeness, we intend to encourage each other to remember that the body, mind and spirit are intimately connected. We will strive to empower one another to receive, as well as give, loving care with spontaneity and joy. We will help each other take responsibility for preventive approaches to our own wellness, and we will advocate this God-given responsibility near and far.

We envision the congregation of the Manchester Church of the Brethren as a community of faith which creates a safe and supportive environment for sharing our strengths and vulnerabilities as we collectively go about the tasks that God has appointed for us.

Our vision will be consummated by constantly uplifting each other in prayer and deed so that we grow in God’s love and become all that God intends for us physically, emotionally and spiritually.