Pastoral Prayer

Pastoral Prayer

November 26, 2017


You, dear God, give us life and love to fill our days and we are grateful beyond all telling of it.

We have many emotions and lingering reflections as we let go of one holiday and soon move fully into another.

In the midst of all of it we seek a word of inspiration, a glimmer of hope and truth and a way forward into your call to feed, and clothe, and visit, and welcome, and tend with care.


We are people who trust in your ways;

We are interested in a more fair, more just and more peaceful world.

We are part of the holy and hungry ones who believe in something better.


We are not blind to the wrongs in this world; nor are we indifferent.

We do get frustrated by policies and practices that suppress; that raise up even higher the advantaged, the privileged, and turn a blind eye to those with no solid ground to stand on.


We align our intentions the best we can with what we understand your will to be;

We sharpen our beliefs, strengthen our principals, learn and stretch and grow toward a more wise and thoughtful and generous people.


We pray to you O God with some urgency to help us be people who are not fearful of the hard ways of sacrifice which are loving and kind and turn the world upside down.

Summon from us gifts for the healing of the nations;

          Show us what it means to be part of your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

                     Open up to us the way of daily bread for each and every person;

                               and most of all, make us wide-hearted for love, and the unloved,

                                         who are the hardest to touch and need it the most.


Because we know, and we suspect you surely know, our best intentions, our values, our principals, our best thoughts and desires are just that, until we step outside of them and put ourselves smack in front of our neighbor’s need.

And there, in that holy and hungry place, we see and touch and notice and sense you.


When have we seen you dear God?  Where is it you can be found?

Is it where there is need of food, and clothing, and visits, and welcome and tending with care?

Is it there?  Is it?

Is it where we are close enough to see the full humanity of one another?  Not class, or category, or statistic, or party, but a breathing, feeling, thinking, child of God?

We so passionately want to change the world, and you say:

          feed, clothe, visit, welcome, tend, care.

Right here, right now, here in this part of your world, this North Manchester, Wabash County, Midwest, soon to be winter and windy and dormant part of the world where you are all the time.


Give us eyes, and ears, and hearts to see you here, now and always, that we might not think our way into newness of life, but live into your newness of life, through Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray.  Amen.