Pastoral Prayer

Kyrie Eleison


Lord, have mercy

Have mercy and compassion on all those within and beyond our community

Have mercy and forgiveness where there are relationships in need of your presence and guide

Have mercy on us when we fail to choose a different path that Jesus calls us to

Have mercy on us when we choose woe over blessing

Mercy when we cannot be grounded in a kin-dom perspective

Have mercy when we lack trust in the belief that who we are matters

  being poor or hungry, grief stricken or persecuted as blessing matters

  open wide the doors to the kingdom

  in our lives

  in the life of this church…North Manchester…this world

Let our faith find these truths

Take us through that door

Where the lost are embraced

Where we all share in the feast

Into grace

Into peace

Lord have mercy

Be upside down people in your upside down Kingdom


Live a life that matters, that makes a difference.  Amen.



February 17, 2019

Seth Hendricks