Pastoral Prayer

               Pastoral Prayer

October 21, 2018


We bring our praise to you, O God,

for you have done wonderful things.

The creation is filled with your abundance, your creativity, your blessings.


The emerging colors of this season

and the way they serve as reminders of the cycle of life and death,

even as they delight us with the beauty of change;

the way that people around us are always growing,

and the younger among us especially are rapidly maturing,

reminding us that life surges forward at all times;

the opportunity to be creative in our own lives,

to develop ideas and cast visions and create physical things,

stirring us to give and receive inspiration;

the challenges before us, calling us to do good,

to practice to doing justice and loving mercy and walking humbly,

and then to be re-created ourselves in the midst of acts of compassion;

the mysterious that surrounds us, drawing us deeper into trust,

compelling us to yield to that which we cannot control –

all these things are from you, O God.

Your fingerprints are everywhere, your eye is upon everything.


Meanwhile we try to claim a space, make our mark.

Such efforts are futile; such arrogance is laughable,

but you are not laughing at us; you do not dismiss us, dear God.

You gently whisper to us by your Spirit,

speaking reminders of mortality and promises of eternity.

You celebrate with us when we get it right,

when we too take steps to fill the world with abundance, creativity, blessings.


In this life, we are trying to nail things down,

and you are trying to teach us to float, to soar.

Gather us into your heart again, O God.

Let our hearts beat with yours.

Let our lives be renewed, refocused, restored.

Broaden the reach of our minds and hands to touch those we’ve named for prayer this day,

that no one would be left behind or forgotten

and that all would come one step closer to healing and wholeness.


If we could have more courage and more clarity,

that would be a wonderful gift to us, dear God.

If we could have more compassion and engagement,

that would be a wonderful gift for your creation, dear God.


Move us along, from the front of the line, to the back,

and along the way, make us instruments of your peace,


We ask it all in Jesus’ name.