Pastoral Prayer

Pastoral Prayer

April 21, 2019

Creator God,

We come to worship this Easter morning filled with expectation.

     Sensing new possibilities . . . a new beginning . . .

yearning for the promise of whole-ness . . . for the assurance of new-ness . . .

             for a re-birth of hope or relationship or faith. 


We see the beauty all around us as spring bursts forth with color . . .

       flowers blooming, trees budding, the grass becoming green.

We feel the warmth of the sun as we lift our face to the sky.

We hear the melody of the birds’ songs . . .

     and yet – are we amazed?

Are we amazed with the beauty and wonder of life?

   Of the mystery of birth and death?

           Of the constancy of love and eternity?

       Of the certainty resurrection and transformation?

Do we wonder in amazement of all that surrounds us?

   All that confuses us . . . all that assures us . . . all that mystifies us?


Or is life so routine, or so predictable, or so ordinary that we are never amazed anymore?

Perhaps we like predictable and routine and ordinary, God . . .

      perhaps we like not being surprised by life, not being amazed with each new day . . . maybe keeping our existence safe and steady is easier and certainly more manageable. Then there isn’t too much we need to risk, there isn’t too much we need to discern. We simply plod ahead from day to day as we always have and always will – not seeking the miraculous . . . not yearning for that which we cannot anticipate . . . not wanting to be amazed.


Yet we have travel this journey to Easter – God . . . traveled these weeks with questions and purpose. Wondering if we might find ourselves in the story of resurrection. Wondering if we too could be transformed.

      *          *          *          *          *          Silence        *          *          *          *          *


      Open our eyes and our hearts, dear God.  

      Open our eyes to the miracles all around us.

      Fill our hearts with gratitude for all of life.

      Enable us, God, to be amazed.  

All this we pray in the name of the risen Christ.