Pastoral Prayer

Pastoral Prayer


Our days are filled with words, God – phrases and sentences that define who we are, who we long to be and who we hope to become.

When we are deeply invested in life –

    when we are in relationship with others – we speak into the space.

We speak aloud our hope and dreams . . . we speak aloud our frustrations and resentments . . . we speak aloud our challenges, our worries and our sorrows . . .  we speak aloud our experiences and our feelings.

And in the details of all our conversations are words – hundreds and hundreds of words. Words that explain and justify, words that illuminate and clarify, words we hope will piece together our thoughts so that others might listen and understand.

And there are the words we speak even when no one is with us to listen. Words that fill the silence around us . . . words that fill the empty-ness within us. But what of the silence, God – what brings us into the scared-ness of silence?

*          *          *          *          *          Silence        *          *          *            *          *


We do our best to avoid silence – filling our lives with busy-ness and noise.

Hoping that if we immerse ourselves with words around us and in us  

          we won’t need to sit in the midst of the stillness,

   we won’t need to tolerate the time spent waiting in silence

even as we wonder just what it is we should be hearing when everything is still.

*          *          *          *          *          Silence        *          *          *            *          *


Are we fearful of what we might hear in the midst of the silence, God?

Or are we really afraid we will hear nothing at all?

*          *          *          *          *          Silence        *          *          *            *          *


Enable us to wait, God –

     to wait in the discomfort of the silence . . .

     to wait in the endless-ness of the silence . . .

     to wait in the transformation of the silence until

         we are filled with wonder, love and peace.

All this we pray as we wait for the birth of Your Son.



Manchester Church of the Brethren

December 9, 2018

Luke 1: 66-79

Karen C. Eberly