Pastoral Prayer

Pastoral Prayer


     We are living in anxious time, God.

Our country, our leaders, even our citizens insight hatred and violence.

The rhetoric and venom that is being shouted in the midst of the crowd causes the divide between us to grow larger and larger.  

And as the chasm deepens . . . everyone become more and more fearful.

The world in which we live is filled with all sorts of frightening things –

       things we don’t really fathom or understand,

         things we can’t begin to explain or grasp,

                     things no one can escape.

Fear of our un-known future is all too real, God . . .  

   living on-the-edge is our constant state of mind . . .

        being afraid has become our new normal.

Dangers lurk around each corner – harm seems ever-present –

     compassion and acceptance are non-existent.

And it’s not the things we plan for that we fear the most, God.

It’s not the life experiences we anticipate or expect or even dread.

It’s all the unknown terror that is out of our view that surprises us, that rips us away from what we believe, that causes us to gasp . . . losing our breath in shock or terror or disbelief.

The unexpected news that turns the world upside-down . . . the dreadful event that we didn’t see coming . . . the inconceivable loss that we couldn’t begin to imagine for ourselves or for anyone else.

O God, how do we live lives of faith in a world that is filled with chaos and turmoil? How do we have hope in humanity when violence threatens our very existence? How do we continue to believe in goodness when all of us are drowning in fear?

*          *          *          *          *          Silence        *          *          *            *          *         

In the midst of our questions and our fears . . .

      Love us always, God.

Seek us . . . even as we seek You.

      All this we pray. Amen.  

Manchester Church of the Brethren

Karen C. Eberly

Matthew 14: 22-33

August 13, 2017